Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easter bunny cake: An activity for kids and adults

Looking for something different and extravagant that will make you and your family stand out on your family easter lunch?

Well this easter bunny cake recipe I found on the Food Network website is simple to make and only needs several ingredients. On the site you will find the ingredients you need in a column on the left side and the directions on how to make this cake on a column on the right. If you are a person that like to see the progress step by step, there is a small box on the bottom of the page that takes you to the step by step process of the recipe. I am going to try this recipe for my Easter Sunday lunch and I'll post pictures of my creation. If you want to show me and others your creation just comment below and paste a picture of you cake. I hope you enjoy this recipe and making it with your kids.

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