Sunday, March 16, 2014

Postre de natas: Milk pudding with a Colombian twist.

Postre de Natas could be translated in English to sort of like a milk custard, were you add a few ingredients to the foam milk makes when is bring it to a boil.With a variety of textures and flavors this famous Colombia dessert only takes a few simple steps to prepare. The ingredients as well as the process could very simply be in your kitchen at this very moment.  Erica Dinho posted a Postre de Natas Recipe on A great website to search and look for other desserts as well as food recipes specially from Colombia. Dinho also shares her experience in making this dessert and gives great specifications and step by step directions on how to successfully make Postre de Natas. I hope you enjoy making this dessert and also try other dessert recipes from around the world. 

Postre de Natas (Colombian-Style Milk Pudding)

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