Sunday, March 16, 2014

Grasshopper squares: A great dessert to have for St. Patricks day

Having trouble finding a recipe that can be done ahead of time and please a large crowd at the same time? Do you and your guests like mint and chocolate? Well not to worry, Betty Crocker's Grasshopper Squares fulfill those needs. Since the base of this dessert is to keep it refrigerated before serving, than making it before hand also helps crossing off desserts on your list. The overall time for making the squares is five hours and ten minutes, but the preparation time will only take you 15 minutes. This soft, creamy and refreshing dessert will please more then one in a St. Patrick's day party and it will leave you looking like an expert. I hope you enjoy making and having Betty Crocker's Grasshopper Squares, comment below and let me know your experience.

Grasshopper Dessert Squares
Chocolate and Mint, cold Grasshopper Squares.

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