Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ay Que Rico; Homemade tres leches cake from Mexico!

One of the most well known Mexican desserts is Tres Leches. The sweet and moist taste that it has makes this an irresistible dessert. After an intensive search for the perfect Tres Leches recipe I have found the one that will make you and your family go head over heels for a piece of this Mexican delight. In her video, Laura Vitale explains how to make this cake and have your friends talking talking about it for days. However, if you love sweets you can make a small additiong and make it a Cuatro Leches Cake, simply just add half a teaspoon of dulce de leche above the whipped cream before placing the cherry. Following the steps and getting the ingridients she suggests make this recipe much better, I have made this recipe several times and I am sure you'll never taste another Tres Leches Cake like this one. I hope you enjoy make and eating Tres Leches or Cuatro Leches Cake famous from Mexico.


In this case the dulce de leche is drizzled on the plate before placing the cake.

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